Legally Remove Negative Items from Your Credit Report

Personalized Credit Coaching


Personalized coaching? Ask for a quote. After our initial FREE consult, I'll e-mail you a plan of attack and a price so you can decide if this is right for you. If my coaching doesn't result in the deletion of the negative items on your report, I WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY!


If you're applying for a mortgage, ask about the Authorized User program as a much less expensive alternative to paying off credit cards to raise your credit score.


Personalized coaching for credit repair means-


I personally review every document you submit and then outline a targetted course of action. The plans I formulate not only remove negative items but as importantly include steps to re-establish your credit and raise your credit score. It's pointless to remove all the negatives, to have a clean slate and not know how to immediately regain great credit. You can accomplish both goals at the same time!


Credit repair includes-


·         Calls to collection agencies, creditors and credit bureaus on your behalf

·         An analysis of your credit report

·         Customized dispute letters.

.         A review your incoming collection letters

·         Review any collection messages and/or letters for Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations that will result in the debt being paid and deleted from your credit report.


Once you hire me, I work for you and will be available should you have any credit or collection related questions.


And if you choose to take an extra step, and make some cash while clearing up your credit, I can coach you thru the Small Claims Court maze so you can sue collection agencies & the credit bureaus.






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